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Delivery within St.Petersburg

If you arrive to St. Petersburg, we recommend you delivery by our courier within St. Petersburg. It is most safe and convenient way of delivery.

1. Hotel in St.Petersburg, Russia

Please tell us hotel name, date of your arrival and your name.
We will deliver tickets at the date of your arrival or 1 day before.
We leave tickets at the reception for you name, and you take tickets at the date of your arrival.
We have cooperation with all St.Petersburg hotels and mini-hotels.
If you do not know your hotel in St. Petersburg yet, you can order tickets and tell us your hotel later. In case of any changes, you are able to change tickets or return tickets to us for the full refund. � details

2. Apartment in St.Petersburg, Russia

Please tell us apartment agency or owner phone, date of your arrival and your name.
We will deliver tickets to the apartment agency or owner, and they will pass it to you at the date of your arrival.
They will pass you the tickets together with the apartment keys.

3. Our office in St.Petersburg, Russia

You can pick up the tickets at our office in the city center, conveniently located in the city center, in 50 meters near the subway (metro) station "Ploshad Lenina" ("Lenin Square").
It is opened daily 8 am - 11 pm (incl. weekends and holidays).
If you want this way of delivery, please see our contact details for exact address of the office.
NOTE: in the office, you can pick up ordered tickets only. You cannot pay for the tickets or order tickets at this offcie.

4. Other ways of delivery in St.Petersburg, Russia

If you prefer any other way of delivery - just let us know. Our courier can deliver tickets anywhere within St. Petersburg.
Please contact us and we will help you gladly. We have huge experience in tickets and how to deliver them, so we will help you in any situation.

Notices for all the delivery types in St.Petersburg, Russia:

24 hours phone support in St.Petersburg with English-speaking operators (local numbers):
336-6344 (local phone)
8-800-100-9271 (Russian toll free)

You can call us any time (incl. weekends and holidays) to ask any questions or order additional tickets. For example, we can tell you how far is a theatre from your hotel.

For all the delivery types, you should not waste your valuable time to wait for someone, who come and bring the tickets. Tickets will be delivered soon after your arrival to St.Petersburg
You should just take the tickets and enjoy a performance !

We have been working with tickets for 25 years (since 1995) and have a lot of tickets orders, completed successfully.
We guarantee you safe and convenient delivery
We are most experienced online tickets agency in St.Petersburg and in Russia. We did not have any problems with the delivery. But, if they will happen, we guarantee you refund for the full amount of your order in case of non-delivery of the tickets, which is caused by our fault.

Have a nice time in St.Petersburg !

If you need help or have a question for Customer Service, contact us.