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International classical music festival "Arts Square 2016" The Stars of the White Nights 2017
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St. Petersburg Small Philharmonic "Engelgardt" Hall (established 1828)
On May 15, 1949 the new chamber hall of the Leningrad Philharmonia was re-opened in the old building in Nevsky Prospect. It was called the Leningrad Philharmonia‘s Small Hall. The creation of this hall was based on the rich Russian chamber music traditions.

The first sprouts of chamber art appeared on the banks of the Neva in the early XVIII century (salon music parties of the enlightened nobility). The building housing the hall was erected in the middle of the XVIII century after the design by F.B. Rastrelli. The spacious hall with the elegant adjoining rooms on the second floor were initially used for balls and masquerades. In 1802 the Philharmonic Society, the first one in Europe, started its concert activity in the hall.
About St. Petersburg Small Philharmonic "Engelgardt" Hall (established 1828)


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  • The XVII International classical music festival "Arts Square" (14 December 2016 - 25 December 2016)
    "The Stars of the White Nights 2017" International Ballet and Opera Festival (26 May 2017 - 24 July 2017)

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    Schedule for "Light Songs" To the 80th anniversary of the birthday of Gleb Gorbovsky. Soloviev-Sedoi. “Light Songs”, vocal cycle after words by G.Gorbovsky. Galina Sidorenko mezzo-soprano, Anatoly Lomunov tenor, Anatoly Dichkovsky baritone, Mikhail Buzin piano, "Diver for St. Petersburg Small Philharmonic "Engelgardt" Hall (established 1828) for 01 May 2013 - 31 May 2013
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    Complete schedule of all other St. Petersburg theatres for 01 May 2013 - 31 May 2013

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